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With the perfect balance of humidity and heat, the Indonesian landscape provides the perfect conditions to grow what is arguably some of the best ginger in the world.


With several different varieties available, our ginger is full of zest, zing and punchy aroma.

As with our turmeric, we have a very close knit community of growers who pride themselves in growing this amazing spice, maintaining the highest quality and using sustainable and organic practices. This spice is one of the main pillars of the Indonesian cuisine.

Once arriving at our processing facility, our ginger is sorted, processed and converted to a variety of end products for our consumers , including kibbled, powdered and whole dried ginger roots.

Our farmers already practice organic farming methods as they have been for decades, which falls in line with our requirements for pesticide free products.

We also guarantee the purchase of the farmers entire ginger crop and we have made agreements with several villages to ensure we can support all local farmers in those areas by collecting their harvests, no matter how small, and processing them centrally, allowing us to pay them directly and at a higher rate than they would otherwise get selling to middlemen.

Finely dry Ginger powder in wooden bowl with  rhizome (root) sliced isolated on white back
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