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Trading with common sense. 

Common Sense Trading was established by Aaron and Yeni Lagias in 2019 with humble beginnings as vanilla bean suppliers.

Our aim was to connect farmers in the region directly to the local and international markets, in order to maximise their global reach and profit, while also providing buyers with a connection to the growers and visibility in the supply chain. We quickly became known and trusted internationally for our premium vanilla products and transparent approach. With demand from our customers for a wider range of premium quality spices and our relationships evolving, our offering has also grown to now include a wide range of spices, herbs, specialty ingredients and foods and beverages.

We now have distribution warehouses in both Bali, Indonesia and Melbourne, Australia and supply a long list of customers around the world.


We aim to work directly with the same growers each year and in several cases farms we have personally invested in, creating stability and consistency for our customers as well as greater quality and transparency. 


For our farmer partners, we encourage value adding by the farmers before sale. Ensuring all farmers remain sustainable and profitable, with a focus

on improving quality and productivity.

We pride ourselves on customer service, maintaining competitive prices and a commitment to delivering orders anywhere in the world within several business days.

Our products are processed, handled and packed with the highest levels of international food standards, and as a result we have built long term relationships with many satisfied buyers all over the world. Continuing our mission to be the most trusted and community focused ingredient, spice and vanilla supplier.

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