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The vibrant, golden Queen of spices and traditional medicine - Turmeric !

Turmeric’s popularity has recently exploded around the globe for its healing qualities. With more and more customers looking for high quality and pesticide free turmeric. Our turmeric farms, many of which are within our family network in Bali produce some of the highest quality, natural turmeric available.

With the ideal conditions Indonesia provides, our turmeric is rich in colour, aroma, natural curcumin and earthy flavour.

Sourced from our farmers, and processed by us into various end products including kibbled turmeric, powder and fingers.

All of our products are regularly tested in our Bali facility to maintain our high quality and consistency.

Our farmers already practice organic farming methods as they have been for decades, which falls in line with our requirements for pesticide free products.

We also guarantee the purchase of the farmers entire turmeric crop and we have made agreements with several villages to ensure we can support all local farmers in those areas by collecting their harvests, no matter how small, and processing them centrally, allowing us to pay them directly and at a higher rate than they would otherwise get selling to middlemen.

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