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Our Sustainability Projects



Paying fair prices to farmers and helping them to reach international markets is only one of our goals in regards to creating sustainability in farming communities. As a company, we are striving to promote economic, social, and environmental sustainability through the following projects.

We source our ingredients from farms that utilise sustainable practices. When you make a purchase from CST, you can trust that we’ve done the research and selected the best possible. We promise to be fully transparent in all the decisions we make on our labelling, in stores and through our entire footprint.

Insecticide and Pesticide free foods



Insecticides, herbicides and fungicides, also known as pesticides, are chemicals that are used in agricultural pest control. Pesticides that are sprayed on crops leave a residue that settles into the soil and can run off into waterways or leach into groundwater, and even find it’s resting place in our bodies.. We do not support the use of these chemicals in our products.

Regenerative farming practices


By talking sustainability with our producers and getting to know what they care about we are part of a strong push for regenerative agricultural practices. By looking at the past and the future we can see that building soil carbon, increasing water retention, supporting soil biology and balancing ecosystem biodiversity is the only way forward.

Ethical treatment of workers



From the farms that our ingredients are grown on to our warehouses and manufacturing facilities, we ensure that these environments are safe for all workers and consumers. And we ensure all workers receive their correct wages and entitlements.

Reduced plastic packaging



We are constantly striving to reduce our plastic and our waste, although very difficult when shipping air tight packs of spices around the world, our aim is to be completely plastic free by 2024.  We’ve never liked using plastic, we always use glass jars where possible, and we strive to work with producers who feel the same way and are reducing their plastic footprint.

Renewable Energy powered



We are advocates for and prioritise farmers who grow our ingredients using renewable wind, solar and water energy. We can tackle climate change in many ways and we believe the potential of renewable energy is Australia’s greatest asset.

Drying and sorting facilities Tabanan



Probably our most exciting project will be constructing our own processing and sorting facility in partnership with several local entrepreneurs in Baturiti, Tabanan. We will use this as a place for training, information and knowledge sharing as well as producing some of the highest grade vanilla in Indonesia as well as other spices. The processing plant work with growers in the region, to encourage more production and guarantee purchase of their harvests. The facility will include a sorting, drying and processing and packing area. Following high HACCP standards. The project is due to be complete in mid 2023.

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