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We handle vanilla beans all the way from the farming through to caring, pollinating, harvesting, processing and finally exporting.

Our cooperitive of farmers across Bali and greater Indonesia are very close to us and we assist them in improving their harvests and quality in every way we can.

We work with a combination of small scale farmers, communities and individuals, and only farms with best practices are selected in order to deliver the highest quality and consistent products. Our objective is to promote sustainability and profitability for farmers, while also providing them with access to larger international markets.


We offer all grades of vanilla beans from gourmet all the way down to extract grade and cuts.

These are divided into two varieties.

Planifolia, which is typically long and slender with a length that ranges from 14cm to 26cm. It has a very rich flavor and aroma similar to the Madagascan variety.

Tahitensis, which has a smooth fruity and flowery flavor which is perfect to many applications. These beans range in size from 13-19cm.

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Our vanilla paste is high quality, pure and full of flavour. The large amount of visible vanilla specks and seeds as well as a natural flavour has made our vanilla paste a favourite amongst chefs and manufacturers around the world.

We offer both regular vanilla paste made with an alcohol based extract as well as a alcohol free, halal and kosher certified option.

Only pure ingredients are used to produce our paste, created in a facility that adheres to the highest quality standards. The authentic aroma and flavour of the original vanilla pods is always maintained. 

Our vanilla extract is made using a cold extraction process with whole fresh extract grade pods.

Our extract contains a small amount of alcohol, unlike some extracts which have an overpowering alcohol taste, allowing it to be very versatile for a wide range of uses as well as another substitute for vanilla paste.



Our vanilla powder is made from 100% dried vanilla beans.

Unlike other vanilla powders, we do not use leftover re processed vanilla beans from paste or extract manufacturing. Instead we utilise the lower grade vanilla beans from farmers, these are still good quality aromatic beans which we then dry and grind into a powder.

No preservatives, no colouring agents, no restricted substances, no allergens.

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