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A handful of fresh cloves on hand with blurred cloves background freshly picked from the c

One of the original spices of the spice trail, and also one of Indonesia's most exported spices, are the clove!

Native to the Maluku Islands of Indonesia, cloves are one of the reasons the region is known as the Spice Islands.

The aromatic flower is typically found in central and eastern parts of Indonesia, where it is harvested during the dry season months of June, July and August.

Clove buds are all carefully handpicked, as the trees and branches can be quite delicate. They are then sun-dried on mats until fully dry.

Most of the clove farmers we work with are small family farms with only few trees, we collect the cloves once they have been dried and transport them back to our facility in Bali where they are hand sorted, undergo analysis and are packed for export.

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