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Many of the growers we work with across Indonesia, specialise in a range of different crops. Although many of them grow vanilla, they have had to diversify to protect themselves from fluctuating markets. Spices such as ginger, turmeric, cloves, pepper and chilli to name a few are very commonly grown by these farmers. Most of their crops are sold in local markets, usually at a low price so that middle men can then onsell them in the cities.

Our aim is to assist these growers to be able to reach larger and more direct markets internationally, while offering them a higher price for their crops by bypassing the regular  lengthy chain to the end users.  

We work with a combination of small scale farmers, communities and individuals, and only farms with best practices are selected in order to deliver the highest quality and consistent products.

Whether you are after a full container, one or more pallets, a box or just a jar, we are able to assist you with our amazing range of herbs and spices.


We have a range of specialty spice blends, individual herbs and spices sourced from Indonesia as well as some other regions, cooking pastes and rubs as well as some rare native ingredients.

If the items you are looking for are not on our list, please get in touch with our team as we will be happy to source it for you.

A handful of fresh cloves on hand with blurred cloves background freshly picked from the c

We specialise in the export of:

  • Turmeric, kibbled and powder

  • Ginger, Kibbled and powder

  • Coconut sugar

  • Balinese spice mix

  • Vanilla beans and powder

  • Cloves, whole

  • Dried chilli

  • Specialty pepper

We also distribute a large range of herbs and spices in both bulk and retail sizes, please click below to view our full price list for each region.

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